Surfing Life’s Problems ~ Half Day Course | June 8th


Susan Tait has been studying and teaching Buddhist meditation for many years and has taught Kadampa meditation in the US and the UK.  She presents the teachings in a practical and often humorous way making it easy to apply in daily life.

Surfing Life’s Problems

with Susan Tait

Ever feel like you’re going under?  Wave after wave of never-ending problems can get really old, really fast!  Buddha taught simple but very powerful mind-training techniques with which we can learn how to transform difficult conditions into opportunities, so that what would previously have been a cause of great suffering for us becomes the cause of deep inner peace, compassion & wisdom.  Learn how to keep your head above water and surf life’s problems like a pro!

Everybody is welcome.

9:15 am            World Peace Cafe opens for course guests
10-11:15 am    Session 1 Teaching and meditation
11:15-12 pm     Break – World Peace cafe open for course guests
12-1:15 pm     Session 2 Teaching and meditation
1:15 pm  Optional lunch in World Peace Cafe (pre-booked)


£15 Early Bird/ £20 General Admission

No extra cost for Gold, Silver and Platinum members 

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