How to Develop Inner Strength ~ Day Course July 13th


Bertie Wilkins is one of our teachers at Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre.  He is a  member of the Teacher Training Programme and has taught many times at the Centre.  As an entrepreneur, Bertie brings practical experience of how to put the teachings into practice to keep a peaceful mind in difficult situations.

How to Develop Inner Strength

with Bertie Wilkins

In the heart of every one of us there exists the potential for limitless love, compassion and wisdom.  Right now that potential is blocked by our bad mental habits of ignorance, confusion and selfishness.  If we identify with these temporary, mistaken habits, we will always put ourselves down and feel discouraged; by learning to identify instead with our good heart – our true potential – we can let go of our discouragement and find the confidence and strength within to change and grow and to find lasting inner peace and joy.

 Everybody is welcome.

9:15 am            World Peace Cafe opens for course guests
10-11:15 am    Session 1 Teaching and meditation
11:15-12 pm     Break – World Peace cafe open for course guests
12-1:15 pm     Session 2 Teaching and meditation
1:15pm   Optional lunch in World Peace Cafe (pre-booked)
2:45-4pm      Session 3 


£25 Early Bird/ £30 General Admission

No extra cost for Gold, Silver and Platinum members 

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