When you sign up you will be sent your subscription/membership code to use when booking for our events.

pay-as-you-go & membership prices









unlimited 30 minute lunchtime meditations
30 minute class: £3
unlimited evening meditation classes1.25-1.50 hour class £9
Parents meditation classes and meditation classes for your child/children
Parents and Toddler class £2.50 per child

Kids Class £3.50-£9

unlimited daytime general programme meditation classes
60 minute class: £6
unlimited half-day and full-day courses held on Saturdays.Day Course £25
Mini course £15
Tuesday Foundation Study Programme*Silver, gold, or Platinum membership required
Sunday Foundation Study Programme, OR Teacher training programme*Gold, or Platinum membership required
unlimited weekend courses and retreats
Retreat Introduction £5
Weekend Event £40-£50
Longer retreats: £22 to £150
unlimited Empowerments at BKMCEmpowerment Day £30
Special events held at BKMCPlease book each individual event through our website
Includes a 50% reduction to dorm accommodation for weekend courses or longer retreats
Includes a £10 monthly donationThank you :)

*minimum 3 months

*minimum 6 months

*minimum 6 months

Joining information:

Bronze Subscription – All classes are in person only

Bronze Subscription is a one time payment, the monthly payment will be taken out of your bank as soon as you sign up.

For Platinum, Gold and Silver Membership plans, you are welcome to sign up at any time, and your payment will be debited monthly.  Once your minimum subscription time is up, you can cancel at any time.  To do so please email membership@meditateinbrighton.com

For Bronze Subscription Plan, you are welcome to join any time before 10pm on the 1st day of a month.  Your account will be debited one (1) payment.

When you sign up funds will be taken out of your bank account right away so you might want to wait until later in the month to sign up for future subscriptions.

Once you have joined, within 48 hours you will receive an email with all the access information and instructions for booking on to our classes, and you will then be sent a physical MEMBERSHIP CARD by post.  Please bring this MEMBERSHIP CARD with you when you attend in person.   Everyone must book for any activity they wish to attend.  (except for chanted prayers)
Thank you for supporting Bodhisattva KMC and its charitable activities.
If you have questions about membership please email membership@meditateinbrighton.com
*Study Programme: If you are interested in joining a study programme, there is an application process. Please email epc@meditateinbrighton.com for details prior to joining a plan to begin the Study Programme application process.