Letting Go & Living Lightly

Class/Course Date(s) & Time:
Saturday 7th April, Starts 10:00 Finishes 16:00

Class/Course Level:
GreenSuitable for all levels

Bodhisattva KMC (Venue Map & Information)
3 Lansdowne Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN3 1DN


We usually believe that external conditions such as food, friends, cars and money are the real causes of happiness, and as a result we devote nearly all our time and energy to acquiring them.  Superficially it seems that these things can make us happy, but if we look more deeply we will see that they also bring us a lot of suffering and problems.

For example, one of our main interests is food, but the food we eat is also the principal cause of most of our ill health and sickness.  We love the freedom and independence a car can give us, but the cost in accidents and environmental destruction is enormous.  We feel that money is essential for us to enjoy life, but the pursuit of money also causes immense problems and anxiety.

Happiness and suffering are states of mind.  The real source of happiness is inner peace:  if our mind is peaceful, we will be happy all the time, regardless of external conditions, but if it is disturbed or troubled in any way, we will never be happy, no matter how good our external conditions may be.

We can see from this that if we want true, lasting happiness we need to develop and maintain a special experience of inner peace.

On this day course we will find out how to do just this.

The Timetable
10 am – 11.15 am Session 1
11.45 am – 1 pm Session 2
(lunch will be served at 1 pm)
2.45 pm – 4 pm Session 3

The Teacher
Kelsang Chenma has been ordained for many years and served many Dharma Centres in various roles including as Resident Teacher. She has a lot of wisdom to share and her warm heart and love of Dharma make her a joy to listen to.

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£25 (includes food and refreshments)

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