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Mindful Parenting

February 27 | 10am -1pm

Is it possible to be confident and relaxed as a parent instead of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and second guessing ourself all the time? Learning to apply simple meditation techniques, and using mindfulness, we can experience a place of calm inside even when our family life is busy, difficult or completely chaotic. Practically, if we develop a peaceful mind and our inner wisdom, this will give us the skill and confidence that we need to bring harmony, and happiness to our family life.
In this course Marianne will use both her own experience as a parent and Buddha’s time-tested teachings to share insights that you can use right now to help yourself and your family be healthy and positive.


Marianne Drake

Marianne has been a practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism for many years. As a parent of two, she has personal experience of bringing meditation and mindfulness into her family and work life.


Saturday February 27

10 am – 11.15 am: Teaching and Meditation

11.45 – 1 pm: Teaching and Meditation


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