Managing stress

Stress is one of the major problems in our modern lives

  • when parents take their children to school or leisure, they stress,
  • when the elderly learn of possible changes in the building, they stress,
  • when schoolchildren and students wait for their grades, they get stressed.

Everyone is stressed!

On a daily basis, we encounter a lot of annoyance stress , and pressure related to the responsibilities, roles and functions we have at work and at home.

Responding to each other’s expectations, at times, yes, that’s too much to manage! Especially if everyone does not do their part!

Most health problems are caused or worsened by this stress

Back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety … We are the first consumers of anxiolytics in the world but it is clear that it does not work. Decompressing just by walking, swimming or chewing gum… is not going to be enough. It works temporarily, but does not interfere with our restless thoughts .

Most of the time we think the situation is stressful in itself. That is, our boss is stressful, our partner is stressful…

Anything can be stressful . We think that the source of the stress exists outside our mind and that’s why we say “I’m in a stressful situation” . In other words, we have no choice but to stress.

If this were the case everyone would see these so-called stressful situations as stressful, whereas for some people it is fine.

Stress comes because we feel that we are not going to be able to handle a situation calmly , for example a deadline at work or an overly complex task where we have overestimated our skills.

Stress comes from the discrepancy between what we would like and reality

The external conditions, which trigger stress, are neither good nor bad in themselves but depend on the way we apprehend them and react to them. The real problem is therefore internal and not external. The computer’s problems are not the person’s problems. The real problem stems from the unpleasant sensations that occur inside our minds . All our problems (unpleasant feelings) come from delusions.

“What’s the point of covering the whole earth with leather… when you can achieve the same result with a simple sole. I can’t control all the outer things but if I can control my mind, what’s the need to control anything else?”

Shantideva – The Bodhisattva’s Guide to the Way of Life