DAY COURSE: Unleash your Potential – Be Extraordinary


    18 July  Saturday

    Session One: 10 – 11am

    Session Two: 12 – 1pm

    Session Three: 2.30 – 3.30pm

    Teachings are available to watch for 3 days.


    Suitable for all levels



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Course info

Unleash your Potential – Be Extraordinary 

  • Discover steps to unlocking your potential

  • Becoming Extraordinary in an ordinary life

  • Find energy in your potential

We all want to improve, be better than we are, live a meaningful life. Sometimes it feels impossible to do this as our habits are strong and we don’t always know the steps to achieve this.

Buddha’s instructions on Bodhichitta give us practical and extraordinary methods to change our ordinary life into an extraordinary life.  By using these meditations we can begin to believe in our potential and unlock the limitless power within our mind.

When we practice these instructions Ven. Geshe Kelsang says

“Gradually all our actions of body, speech and mind will become pure and beneficial, an we will become a source of happiness and inspiration for everyone we meet”


This event is taught by Gen Kelsang Thekchen, senior Buddhist Monk and Resident Teacher of Bodhisattva KMC.


Session One: 10 – 11am

Session Two: 12 – 1pm

Session Three: 2.30 – 3.30pm

Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre is a member of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union (IKBU) and is a Registerd Charity No. 1016354.