The Power of Blessings ~ Amitayus Empowerment | March 25

The Power of Blessings

Amitayus Empowerment ~ March 25

There is nothing more precious than our life. Because we have a precious human life, we have the opportunity to experience both temporary and ultimate happiness. We usually regard material possessions as very important and put much effort into acquiring them, but in reality our human life is our most important possession. If we lose our life, we shall have no opportunity to enjoy a human life, to practice Buddha’s teachings and to actualise our potential for enlightenment. Therefore in order to complete our spiritual journey to temporary and ultimate happiness we need to increase our lifespan, merit and our wisdom. The principal method for doing this is the Yoga of Amitayus.


9:15am Cafe and centre open
10.30-12:30pm – Empowerment
12:30pm – Lunch (Pre-booked) Cafe open 
2-3:30pm – Commentary
3:30pm – Break Cafe open
4:15-5:15pm – Meditation (The Yoga of Buddha Amitayus)
* If you are staying on for the evening prayers
5:30pm – Supper (Pre-booked)
7pm – Offering to the Spiritual Guide 

£30 Early Bird/ £35 General Admission

No extra cost Gold and Platinum members

Registration required (including members)
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