White Tara Empowerment & teachings on the Four Seals of Mahamudra

SDC 2023

at KMC London, Morden

April 21-23

This weekend event is a rare and precious opportunity to receive the blessing empowerment of Buddha White Tara from Kadam Bridget Heyes. The empowerment is a beautiful traditional guided meditation that fills our mind with positive energy, giving us greater strength and well-being.

Kadam Bridget will also give practical teachings on the ‘The Four Seals’. These are four wisdom insights into the nature of our reality that have the power to permanently uproot our negative minds and dissolve all our painful thoughts. In these turbulent times, we all need this inner protection and resilience to cope with the challenges of modern daily life.

KMC London (Morden) is a dedicated space in central London which provides people with a quiet, peaceful, and safe environment to learn about Meditation. The Centre is part of an international network of Kadampa Centres providing a place of peace and refuge open to everyone. KMC London has a lively friendly community drawn from people from all backgrounds.


Kadam Bridget Heyes is the UK NKT Spiritual Director and the principal teacher at Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre in Northamptonshire. She is a senior disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and has been practising for over 25 years. Kadam Bridget is known for her powerful teachings, compassionate heart and deep understanding of Buddha’s wisdom advice. Her teachings are exceptionally clear and she presents profound ideas in a way that is easy to practice and integrate into daily life.