June 6 – Online Open Day


    Recordings are available to watch on Sunday 7th until midnight, enjoy 🙂

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    This year we can’t welcome you all here in person for our annual open day, so we will come to you!

    On Saturday June 6th you are invited to join our community for tours of our Peace Garden, Historical Building, Meditation rooms and World Peace Cafe as well as free guided taster meditations for adults and kids.

    There will be live videos as well as recordings available for you to watch in your own time on Sunday 7th.

    We can’t wait to re-connect to those of you who are missing us and show you around for the first time if you haven’t met us yet!

    Everyone welcome to join for as little or as long as you like.

    Schedule coming soon.



    If you enjoy our open day and would like to join more of our classes and events you might like to look into our special Summer Streaming Offer. You can enjoy 25 days of unlimited classes for £25.

    More info on  Unlimited Summer Streaming Promotion Options Page.


Schedule for Open Day

11-11.15am               Introduction, tour of garden and Open Day festivities

11.15-11.45am         Meditation taster (breathing meditation) with Kelsang Drolkar

11.45-11.50am         Meet the Buddhas – Buddha Shakyamuni with Kelsang Oden

11.50-11.55am         Liberating Prayer

11.55-12.10pm         Kids event

12.10-12.13pm         Meet a resident – Sue

12.13-12.20pm         Tour of the Centre with Mary

12.20-12.40pm         Meditation taster (meditation with mantra) Damien Roberts

12.40-12.52pm         Meet the Buddhas – Je Tsongkhapa with Gen Kelsang Thekchen

12.52-1.20pm           NKT Video of the Centres around the world

1.20-1.50pm             Kids event

1.50- 1.53pm            Meet our Cafe Manager – Hana

1.53-2.15pm             Meditation taster (clarity of mind meditation) Gen Thekchen

2.15-2.25pm             Meet the Buddhas – Dorje Shugden with Kelsang Drolkar

2.25-2.28pm             Meet a resident – Rich

2.28-2.40pm             Meet the Buddhas – Tara and Avalokiteshvara with Vince

2.40-2.45pm             OM MANI PAME HUM

2.45-3.05pm             Meditation Taster (cherishing others) Steve Cansdale

3.05-3.10pm             Good bye with our seagull friend

Colour in images for kids

Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre is a member of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union (IKBU) and is a Registerd Charity No. 1016354.