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Meditations for busy people

March 20

Even if your life is very busy with little free time, you can learn how to let go of stress, distractions, and unwanted thoughts and discover how a little bit of meditation can go a long way!

This course will reveal how through simple meditation you can transform your life, find inner peace in the midst of busy modern life and heal difficult relationships with others.

Bertie and Kate will present the timeless wisdom of Buddha’s meditation instructions in a way that is relevant, easy to understand and directly applicable to our life.  During the course they will also explain and guide simple meditations that anyone can learn to do.


Kate Purnell & Bertie Wilkins

Kate and Bertie have both been practitioners of Kadampa Buddhism for many years. Through applying these teachings to their lives they have lots of great advice and personal examples to share.


March 20th 10am – 1pm

10 am – 11.15 am: Teaching and Meditation

11.45 – 1 pm: Teaching and Meditation


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