Live stream 30 minute meditations

  • DAY & TIME

    Mon – Fri | 12.30-1pm

    £5 for five classes | Free for all members

    Video recordings available to watch for 7 days

    ** if you are struggling financially and cannot afford to pay for a class, please contact us at

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    Everyone needs to register including members.

    Our classes are intended for people in our local area (Sussex), if you live elsewhere you can find your local centre who will be offering livestream classes here

    Monday 1st – Friday 5th March

    All five classes Monday 1st – Friday 5th March
    Monday: Body of Light with Bertie Wilkins
    Tuesday: Clarity with Susan Tait
    Wednesday: The Root Mind with Damien Roberts
    Thursday: Cherishing Others with Kelsang Drolkar
    Friday: Taking Away Suffering with Ben Jack

    Monday 8th – Friday 12th March

    All five classes Monday 8th – Friday 12th March
    Monday: Giving Happiness with Bertie Wilkins
    Tuesday: Inner Peace with Susan Tait
    Wednesday:Pure Light with Damien Roberts
    Thursday: Inspiration with Kelsang Drolkar
    Friday: Body of Light with Ben Jack

    Monday 15th – Friday 19th March

    All five classes Monday 15th – Friday 19th March
    Monday: Clarity with Bertie Wilkins
    Tuesday: The Root Mind with Susan Tait
    Wednesday: Cherishing Others with Damien Roberts
    Thursday: Taking Away Suffering with Kelsang Drolkar
    Friday: Giving Happiness with Ben Jack

    Monday 22nd – Friday 26th March

    All five classes Monday 15th – Friday 19th March
    Monday: Inner Peace with Bertie Wilkins
    Tuesday: Pure Light with Susan Tait
    Wednesday: Inspiration with Damien Roberts
    Thursday: Body of Light with Kelsang Drolkar
    Friday: Clarity with Ben Jack

    Whilst continuing to stream, we are working to re-open the centre to allow in-person attendance to some classes in the safest way possible.  This will take us time and our startup will be a rolling start.  We will send out messages with any updates as we have them.  Please be sure you are on our emailing list to receive the updates.


    Suitable for all levels

    Great for beginners

Take a break for 30 minutes to relax, refresh and de-stress. Cultivate inner peace through a guided practice and enjoy the rest of your day with a positive and inspired mind.

Meditation class FAQ


The livestream class will be the same as our normal lunchtime meditation.

It will include some short instructions, the liberating prayer and a guided meditation.

Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre is a member of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union (IKBU) and is a Registerd Charity No. 1016354.