4 ingredients for healthy relationships

Learn how to transform your bad relationships into good ones and make your good relationships even better!

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4 Ingredients for Healthy Relationships

Dec  12 | 10am – 1pm

Learn how to transform your bad relationships into good ones and make your good relationships even better!

Our relationships are important to us, however they can also be a source of much pain, worry and even conflict. Many of our relationship difficulties arise from our unrealistic expectations of others. As a result we can so often feel let down and disappointed and even resentful. Buddha teaches us many methods by which we can transform our view of others and learn to accept and appreciate others as they are. On this course we will look at 4 principle things we can do to create healthy and harmonious relationships in all areas of our life. By learning to develop a balanced and loving mind towards others, we will find within our own mind a source of inexhaustible peace and joy that nobody can take away from us – no matter how they behave.


Vince Bassett
Marianne Nicholls

Vince Bassett and Marianne Nicholls

Vince and Marianne have both been practitioners of Kadampa Buddhism for many years. Through applying these teachings to their lives and relationships they have lots of great advice and personal examples to share.


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