Expectations vs Reality

Learn how to stop the mind from over-exaggerating and keep a “meditative cool”.

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Expectations vs Reality

with Kate Purnell

July 23rd  | 10am – 1.15pm

Often without noticing it, we suffer from the myriad ways in which expectations can undermine our life. They plague our daily life, causing us to be irritable, disappointed, and disillusioned. Many times they lead us to say unkind words, act unskillfully, or make poor decisions. Expectations are so insidious that we can persist in maintaining them even after we have clear evidence that they are unfounded.

Our expectations arise from our “wanting” mind, our uncontrolled desire.  So if we keep this mind in check, and bring in wisdom that keeps our mind in a realistic state, we can prevent so much mental pain that our unrealistic expectations bring us.

Kate will explore ways of thinking that keep us grounded in reality and keep our unrealistic expectations at bay.


Kate Purnell is one of our teachers at Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre.  He is the co-ordinator for our Foundation Programme and has taught many times at the Centre.  As a school teacher, Kate brings practical experience of how to put the teachings into practice to keep a peaceful mind in difficult situations.


10 am – 11.15 am : Teaching and Meditation

12 – 1.15 pm : Teaching and Meditation


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