Dealing with Anger ~ Mini Course May 6th

Dealing with Anger

with Gen Kelsang Jigme

Mini Course ~ May 6

Anger takes many forms, from mild irritation to rage, but it is always painful and destructive.  Anger is our worst enemy: it makes us lose our self-control and common sense and do irrational things; it makes us unattractive and scary; it causes physical and emotional hurt to both ourself and others, and it harms our reputation.

To overcome anger we have to learn new ways of responding to frustration. Since it is unreasonable to expect that we can fulfil all our desires, we must cultivate a more realistic and balanced approach to the problems of life. The methods of training our mind in this more realistic approach are included within the practice of patience. The more clearly we understand that the sole function of anger is to make us miserable, the more motivated we shall be to train ourself in patience and defeat this enemy.


9:15 am            World Peace Cafe opens for course guests
10-11:15 am    Session 1 Teaching and meditation
11:15-12 pm     Break – World Peace cafe open for course guests
12-1:15 pm     Session 2 Teaching and meditation
1:15-2:30 pm  Optional lunch in World Peace Cafe (pre-booked)


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