Bertie Wilkins is one of our teachers at Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre.  He is the co-ordinator for our Foundation Programme and has taught many times at the Centre.  As an entrepreneur, Bertie brings practical experience of how to put the teachings into practice to keep a peaceful mind in difficult situations.

  • DAY & TIME

    Saturday, November 19th

    10:00 – 11.15am – Teaching and meditation
    12:00 – 1.15pm – Teaching and meditation
  • Dealing with Stress

    Imagine living without stress and tension – a life free from worry, anxiety, and the many daily problems these negative states of mind create. On this course we will look at how meditation can eliminate stress and help you to be more relaxed, peaceful and positive in daily life. Train in powerful stress-busting techniques derived from ancient Buddhist wisdom, face life’s adversities with a happy heart, learn how to deal with ‘difficult people’ without getting angry, and transform hardships into opportunities for spiritual growth.


    Free for Silver, Gold & Platinum Members

    £20 for the day (£15 for earlybird)

    Bookings open soon!