Susan Tait has been studying and teaching Buddhist meditation for many years and has taught Kadampa meditation in the US and the UK.  She presents the teachings in a practical and often humorous way making it easy to apply in daily life.

Class Format

Guided breathing meditation

Practical teaching

Second guided meditation based on the teaching

Suggested Course Material

The New Meditation Handbook
You can order the book, Ebook and audio book a here.

  • Meditations for a Happy and Meaningful Life

    Kadampa Buddhism is a type of Buddhism that emphasizes the practical integration of Buddha’s teachings into our daily life by using the presentation of meditation known as “Lamrim”, or “Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.”. 

    We are currently focusing on meditations that help us to develop a deep experience of our own situation – why we experience suffering and problems and how to create real happiness from within.  These are practical meditations to help us keep a peaceful mind throughout our day and with everyone we meet.

    In each class Susan will give commentary to ‘The New Meditation Handbook’ explaining the purpose of each meditation, how to engage in this meditation, and how to integrate this meditation into our daily activities.

    This gives us a deeper understanding of the free guided meditations that are available Monday to Friday mornings from 8-9am.  Click here to join these meditations.

  • DAY & TIME

    Wednesdays | 10.30-11.30am

    Classes in 2022

    May 25 – Recognizing the Advantages of Cherishing Others

    June 1 – Exchanging Self and Others

    June 8 – Great Compassion

    We will then take a two week break for the International Spring Festival in Malaga

    We will then offer a series of classes similar to the Thursday evening class, just condensed.

    Overcoming anger in 4 easy steps

    In situations of conflict, we tend to become angry easily. We even think anger will help us ‘win’ our battles, and we rely on it as if it were our trusted friend. The mind of anger, however, leaves a trail of broken relationships, lost opportunities, and painful feelings in its wake. These classes offer skillful techniques to remain balanced, flexible and peaceful in the midst of difficult situations and conflicts, thereby overcoming our real enemy, the painful mind of anger itself.

    June 29 – Understanding how anger arises and how it harms us

    July 6 – Preventing anger through love and patience

    July 13 – Bringing wisdom into the difficult situation

    July 20 – Destroying anger using compassion and wisdom


    This teaching is available both in person and online

    Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre, 3 Lansdowne Rd. Hove BN3 1DN


    £6 per class / Free for Silver, Gold and Platinum members

    Registration required (including members )

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    • **If you are experiencing financial challenges and unable to afford the class, please pop us an email to events@meditateinbrighton.com to see how we might be able to help.
    • Our classes are intended for people residing in our local area (Sussex). If you reside elsewhere look here https://kadampa.org/map as you may just find a class in your local area.


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