DAY COURSE – The Power of Concentration with Gen Thekchen


Our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Thekchen, is a senior meditation teacher in the New Kadampa Tradition.  He has been a Buddhist monk and teacher for over 23 years, having taught in many Centres in the UK and Canada.  He presents Buddha’s teachings in a practical and often humorous way that enables the listener to easily understand the teachings and put them into practise.

  • DAY COURSE - The Power of Concentration

    Nowadays we have so many distractions that it is rare to enjoy even a few moments of mental peace. However, by learning how to train in concentration, we will be able to keep a peaceful, focused, flexible and open mind even during our busiest days. With this new found concentration we will be able to significantly improve our meditation experience and overall inner peace, happiness and well being. In this workshop Gen Thekchen will explain a special and proven meditation training known as tranquil abiding training, that will enable anyone to accomplish these goals. Whether we are an experienced meditator or new to meditation, this workshop will greatly help us to improve the quality and enjoyment of our meditation practise, concentration and life in general.

  • DAY & TIME

    Saturday, May 28th

    10-11.15am: Teaching and Meditation

    12-1.15pm: Teaching and Meditation

    2.15-3pm: Guided Meditation

    3.30-4pm: Guided Meditation


    This event will be available both in person and online.


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