Wednesday Morning live-stream Meditation class: Introduction to Lamrim

  • DAY & TIME

    Wednesdays | 10.30-11.45am

    Sept 9 – Renunciation – True Sufferings

    Sept 16 – Renunciation – True Origins

    Sept 23 – Renunciation – True Paths

    Sept 30 – Renunciation – True Cessations

    Oct 7 – Equanimity

    Oct 14 – Recognizing all Beings as our Mothers

    Oct 21 – Remembering the Kindness of Mother living beings


    Whilst continuing to stream, we are working to re-open the centre to allow in-person attendance to some classes in the safest way possible.  This will take us time and our startup will be a rolling start.  We will send out messages with any updates as we have them.  Please be sure you are on our emailing list to receive the updates.

  • INTRODUCTION TO LAMRIM - 21 Profound Meditations

    Sept 9 – Oct 21

    The meditation we teach at our classes comes originally from the Buddha and has been practised for over 2600 years. In that time the world has changed immeasurably but what hasn’t changed is our search for happiness and contentment in life. Despite the benefits of living in the 21st century we still encounter difficulties, hardship, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

    This on-going series of classes will go step by step through all the extraordinary methods Buddha taught for working with our mind, developing a good heart, understanding our reality and discovering how we can profoundly transform it.

    This is a precious opportunity to receive commentary to the 21 Lamrim meditations which are in ‘The New Meditation Handbook’. This class will also include the first part of Heart Jewel Prayers to enable people to become familiar with preparing the best conditions for gaining deep experience of Lamrim meditation practice.

    These classes are suitable for anyone wishing to develop a regular meditation practice.


    £20 for four week course

    £15 for three week course

    £6 per class

    Free for Gold and Platinum members

    ** if you are struggling financially and cannot afford to pay for a class, please contact us at

    Everyone needs to register including members.

    Our classes are intended for people in our local area (Sussex), if you live elsewhere you can find your local centre who will be offering livestream classes here


    When you sign up, you will receive an email with the link to the live class. After the class is finished you can use the same link to access the recording of the class which will remain valid for 48 hours. If you don’t receive an email, please check in your junk box as it may have landed there!
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    Booking opens Aug 2nd


Susan Tait has been studying and teaching Buddhist meditation for many years and presents the teachings in a very practical way.

Class Format

Guided breathing meditation

Practical teaching

Heart Jewel Prayers

Second guided meditation based on the teaching

Suggested Course Material

We will be going through the meditations in the ‘New Meditation Handbook’.
This book is available as a paperback, Ebook and audio book a here.

We will be using Heart Jewel Prayers, you can order the booklet and Ebooklet here.

Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre is a member of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union (IKBU) and is a Registerd Charity No. 1016354.