Beginners Guide to Kadampa Buddhism

Learn about the practical and unique qualities of Kadampa Buddhism and how it’s perfectly suited for this modern world.

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Beginner’s Guide to Kadampa Buddhism

with Gen Kelsang Jigme

Sept  3rd  | 10am – 1.15pm

This half day course is an opportunity to learn about the lineage and main practises of Modern Kadampa Buddhism.  Gen Jigme, our resident teacher, will explain how Modern Kadampa Buddhism is particularly appropriate for those wishing to engage in sincere spiritual training during these challenging times.  He will give a clear overview of what Kadampa Buddhism is and what it has to offer to the people of this modern world who are seeking real peace and happiness and a solution to their problems.


Our Resident Teacher of Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre is Gen Kelsang Jigme.

Ordained as a monk in 1997 by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Gen Jigme has studied, practised and taught Kadampa Buddhism under Geshe Kelsang’s guidance in major Kadampa Centres throughout the UK for many years. He shows a humble, kind example as a practitioner and his clear explanations of Buddha’s teachings give us the confidence to practise them in our daily life.


10 am – 11.15 am : Teaching and Meditation

12 – 1.15 pm : Teaching and Meditation


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