Meditations For World Peace (Free Classes, Brighton)

shutterstock_393500383In these classes we learn how to use the power of meditation to make our greatest contribution to peace in the world and bring a positive influence to those around us. Each class consists of guided meditations, short Buddhist prayers for peace, and a teaching on how we can use Buddhist principals and practice to establish harmony in our world. Feel empowered to change yourself and change the world!

The teachings will be based upon the book “Eight Steps To Happiness” by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso – the perfect guide to establishing inner and outer peace.

“It is said that there exists a magic crystal that has the power to purify any liquid it is placed in. Those who cherish all living beings are like this crystal – by their very presence they remove negativity from the world and give back love and kindness.” – Geshe Kelang Gyatso

How To Attend The Meditation For World Peace

There is no need to book in advance for these classes. You are welcome to drop in at any time for an individual class as each class is self contained. Please find below the list of dates for the classes.

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Prayers For Peace in the World Class Calendar