Kids Classes (ages 5-11)

DSC_0882Our after school Buddhist classes for kids aim to develop and nurture the good qualities in children through meditation and positive thinking. We provide learning and meditation integrated with fun and creative activities. These classes will be held once a month and will be one hour long. Children must be accompanied by an adult to attend. Parents are welcome to wait for their children in our World Peace Cafe or garden or take a few minutes out in our quiet and peaceful meditation room.

Classes will be held on the dates listed below:

Feb 22
Mar 22
Apr 26
May 10
Jun 28
Jul 12

How to attend

There is no need to book in advance for these classes. Children are welcome to drop in at any time for an individual class. Please find above the list of dates for our classes, and the same information below in the calendar.

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Kids' Club

Thursday 22nd February-Thursday 12th July, Starts 16:15

Meditation integrated with fun and creative activities.

Kids Classes calendar